If you’ve had a massage at TARA Nurturing Massage Therapy  you know our routine lecture after your massage to drink water.  Lots of it! It helps to flush out all those toxins. Yup. That’s our spiel, and We’re  sticking to it. Why? Well We’re glad you asked. 

Stress, Physical activity, and injuries create a build-up of toxins in muscle tissues in our body.  Dehydration, stress hormones, and lactic acids are all causes of knots, tension,and stiffness. 

Massage or muscle manipulation breaks up these areas full of toxins. Which is when most folks feel those hurt so good moments.  Water is one of the best things for our body and it has so many benefits. It helps with hydration, headaches, hunger, organ health, and weight loss and of course after a massage water helps to flush out those toxins like lactic acid and metabolic waste. 

So drink your water for Pete sakes, and receive massage and a regular basis!